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Automatic or Manual: Which One Should I Choose?

It is essential to consider that comfort and fuel consumption are the two make or break points in the decision-making process between manual and automatic cars. I realized the necessity of an automatic car when I drove with my grandfather who has a weak wrist or a delayed reaction. He drove up a hill into a driveway in the third gear and the car stalled right there.

Immediately we had to swap the Golf TDI with an automatic Audi to ensure safe travelling and fewer accidents. Let’s discuss a few pros and cons of driving both cars. Explore your options in both automatic and manual cars on https://mkrentacar.com/. Find the best Lamborghini rental in Dubai and enjoy a drive through the city.

Automatic Cars

Besides the fact that these cars are easy to drive, they are not as expensive as they used to be. It has been said that drivers prefer automatic cars as they are less trouble to drive, which ensures that their focus is solely on the road. Though they claim that their attention is no longer divided, this frees them up to be on their smartphones while driving. Automatic cars are also easier for new drivers to learn as it does not require a lot of action. There is no clutch which makes switching gears and driving in traffic a dream.

Automatic cars have three different types of transmission systems - the semi-automatic (which is also known as the robotized manual or automatic clutch), continuously variable transmission and the traditional hydraulic torque converter.

Manual cars

There is a widely shared feeling that manual cars are more cost-effective vehicles. With low fuel consumption, easy availability and cheaper car parts, you cannot deny this fact. In retrospect, it may be more of a budget availability than a crowd favourite, yet most people seem to share this preference. To understand a manual car lover’s opinion, you also have to consider the fact that they like changing gears. Changing gears ensures faster acceleration, and manual cars are equipped with simpler technology which is easier to fix when something goes wrong. They may be more challenging to drive because of the constant clutch control, yet there isn’t a need to replace its brakes as often as you would with an automatic.

If you have chosen the right Mercedes rental in Dubai, it will cost you a little bit more if you choose the automatic version.