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The Significance of Dance in a Wedding

No wedding is complete without dance and the most important of all is the First Dance where after getting married Bride and Groom share the dance floor together for the first time. We gives those lovely wedding couples a chance to make their first dance more special by offering them a trial session. Here’s why First dance is so important and why you should prep yourself up for this.

As in dance partners need to share an understanding to coup with each other’s moves likewise in a marriage partner need to have the understanding to carry on their relationship successfully. So, nothing is better than a well-choreographed dance between the newly married couple to start a marriage. When we are talking about wedding dances there are some other dances too about which you should know other than the First Dance.

Wedding Dance Lessons in Dubai

First Wedding Dance Routines

Father-Daughter Dance - This is probably the second most important dance right after First Dance. Father and Daughter join in the dance floor no matter what. It’s the first time they dance together or what their dance ads and emotion to the wedding.

Mother-Son Dance - As the bride joins the dance floor with her father the groom also joins the dance floor with her mother which is an emotional site to watch.

Grandfather-Bride Dance: If the bride is lucky enough to have her grandfather at her wedding then the bride doesn’t miss a chance to take a few steps with her grandfather.

Grandmother-Groom Dance: Just like grandfather-bride dance grooms also don’t miss out an opportunity to take a few steps with his grandmother if he’s lucky to have his grandmother present at his wedding.

The Dollar Dance: In this style of dance anybody who wants to take a few steps with the bride they must give her one dollar.

Across the religious standpoint dance at weddings changes. As of countries like India, there’s a whole another day included within the wedding days for events containing dancing which is called Sangeet.

Sangeet: Sangeet is a ceremony where relatives from both the bride and groom’s side perform the dance. There’s a friendly competition held more for an entertainment purpose where the bride’s and grooms perform dance numbers for the bride and groom’s honour and entertainment.

It doesn’t matter which traditional wedding or what type of wedding you are having there’s nothing better than dance to make it more entertaining and beautiful. To make the dance look beautiful you can always check here for wedding dance lessons in Dubai.