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Oil And Gas

Even though coal also used to be a fundamental aspect of the fuel and industrial growth requirements of states, its penchant for large-scale carbon emissions and ability to seriously pollute the air has forced governments to look to oil and gas and alternatives for environmental and health considerations.

While the focus on coal has fallen, the same for oil and gas has remained the same, if not increased. Both of these burn cleaner, with the latter being even more environment-friendly.

While the trade of both of these commodities has often taken place through sea routes and over large distances, regional political and economic partnerships, both, in the public and private realms, has created a large need for ground-based infrastructure to transport oil and gas supplies.

Since both the commodities are extremely precious and form the base of a lucrative trade, neither can afford to be lost to pipe exposure or damaged components. As such, there is a need for the best quality materials and practices.

Oil And Gas Trade​Oil And Gas Pipes

Global Metals FZE manufactures a range of oil and gas pipes for the trade of the commodities all over the world. Our items cover all possible needs on the part of refineries and government contractors.

Oil refineries rely on us for the supply of durable and cost-effective materials. We have worked with and entertained as our clients, a number of large establishments in the Middle East and Latin America.

As one of the largest stocking distributors of carbon steel, oil and gas refineries have come to count on us to meet their needs for fast and on-time delivery round the clock.

A number of examples, including cases where urgent responses became paramount may help you to make a wiser decision regarding the company to choose:

  • Processed and delivered 120,000 lbs of PS pipe for urgent repair within a single weekend, following a fire at a refinery.
  • Used our widely stretched relationships to carry out multiple stages of the manufacturing and delivery process pertaining to P9 piping within a total period of four months. Ordinary deliveries of this scale may have taken more than nine months.
  • Met a major skid manufacturer's urgent requirements, having carried out the processes of double miter cut, sandblasting, applying part numbers, and delivery to exact specifications on short notice.
  • For various oil companies, we regularly provide unique X grade fittings with intricate machining and custom end preps.
  • We maintain a large supply of heavy-wall pipe to meet expensive applications. To cater to emergencies around the world, we regularly provide same-day airfreight.