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The Steel Industry

Structural Steel in UAE

The steel segment is often referred to as the backbone of an economy, since it is perhaps the single most important materials as far as the development and expansion of a region is concerned.

The applications of steel in the advancement of a country and the building of new facilities are endless. It is used in road and the construction of routes, in telecom and communication industries, the automotive and vehicular segment, and these are just to mention a few.

At the forefront of all of these sectors is the construction realm, which we identify more than anything else, with the high demand for steel.

In order for buildings to be stable and have strong support, and fixtures to be strong and durable, steel has to be used.

Building Material Supply

Global Metals FZE provides a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry.

While the company was incorporated in 2007, this was the start of a mainstream manufacturing and supplying journey.

Prior to this, we had the detailed chance to observe the rate and nature of the development of industrial sectors not just within the UAE, but also across the Gulf region.

This history and presence puts us in an excellent position to serve the needs of the construction sector all over the Middle East. Our company makes use of qualified professionals to pertain to each department, ensuring it is handled with the foremost expertise.

The high quality of our inventory and the speed of our deliveries, have earned us the highest recognition and recommendation from our satisfied and esteemed Clientele. Our professional and skilled team is dedicated to the highest degrees of customer service and satisfaction.

Steel materials and structures Innovation

Global Metals Fze aims to continuously embrace and incorporate advanced technologies and newer innovations into offerings, so as to provide substantial value for our customers.

Our vision is to develop our expertise and capabilities to emerge as thought leaders and innovation drivers in the construction industry.

Steel Trade

We are among the largest importers, exporters and stockers of structural steel products in the GCC region.

Being driven by technology, and a broad product portfolio puts us in a position to serve all key industrial markets in the Middle East region, East Africa and South East Asia.

Specializing in the procurement, project management and delivery of structural steel products, our outstanding distribution networks and high quality offerings are the foundation of the incredible customer loyalty we enjoy.