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Five Most Common Types of Sushi Explained

Sushi comes in multiple variants. Not many people know about these varieties or about what differentiates them. Here’s a brief overview of the 5 most common types of sushi.



Sashimi is undoubtedly one of the most revered Japanese dishes and is often considered as a variety of sushi. But there are doubts about this opinion because there are food enthusiasts who do not consider it as a sushi variant. Irrespective of the debate, it is a lovely piece of sushi served with raw fish and placed nicely on a Sakura leaf. It holds a great nutritious value. This traditional food has not only spread in East Asia but recently has also travelled to as far the UAE region. It is said to be a powerhouse of protein. The calorie content of Sashimi is low. You may want to check out lucrative sushi deals Dubai to try this food.


If you are searching for the original sushi, then you need to taste the delectable Nigiri. It has a beautiful Japanese name – edo-mae. It refers in an indirect way to its birthplace, the Japanese capital Tokyo that was long ago known as Edo. The chef presses a rice cylinder and treats it with the necessary ingredients to craft it. You can have meat or raw fish or even vegetables as ingredients. Many restaurants also love to experiment with seafood. The dish is garnished with onions and suitable spices to make it taste heavenly.

Gunkan Maki

How many of you have heard the name Gunkan maki? In recent times, it is competing against other varieties of sushi in terms of popularity with its wrapped form. Customers at fine-dining restaurants love it like crazy people. The Japanese name, when translated, actually has an amusing meaning – ‘warship’. The shape of the sushi resembles a ship, too. You can enjoy it with salads and seafood.


If you are too tired of trying conventional sushi items then you can strive for a bit of an unconventional item that is really a treat to your taste buds. Temaki sushi has a peculiar shape that seems funny. It looks like a frozen dessert cone. Rice and stuffing like raw fish or meat are used to craft it with sheer artistry. People get attracted by its funny, conical shape. At top restaurants, the sushi bears are worth mentioning and ordering, due to its simplicity and taste.



It is a unique variety of sushi where the main item is not a single unit but scattered on the plate. The scattered sushi evokes curiosity among the sushi enthusiasts. It is usually served with a bowl of hot rice and toppings like seafood and omelette. To avail it, you need to visit a restaurant.

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