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Five Useful Tips to Maintain Your Car Battery This Summer

The mercury is rising, which means that humans and machines alike are working on an overhaul. If your car’s battery has been acting up later then you can be at risk of a complete breakdown. With the rise in temperature, it is important to be attentive and protect the battery from heat.

Parking the car in the shade and using protective covers for car and dashboard when the vehicle is not in use, are a few of the cheapest options to protect the vehicle. But you need to do more to get the most from your vehicle. Here, we present a detailed guide to prevent such damages.

Protect the Battery from Heat

Inspect the Engine

If you live in a place where you experience extreme weather conditions, it is best you prepare for both winter and summer damage. But before, you prepare your car to handle the summer heat, you must inspect the vehicle for the damages that extreme cold could have done. Before planning any long journey, you should get the vehicle checked by professionals for loose brackets and cables.

Perform A Battery Test

Before heat begins, it is a must that you get your battery checked by professionals because no one wants their car stopping when they need it the most. Most batteries have a life of three years and after that, it should be replaced so that it does not affect the performance of the car. Also, you should at least visit a mechanic once a year for a complete overhaul.

Check the Coolant

Coolant, or as most people call it antifreeze prevents overheating of the car engine. In the summer, you must always check the coolant level of your batter and maintain it. However, regardless of the weather, you should not let the coolant run out because it can harm the battery and the car.

Check the Coolant

Inspect the Fan Belt

Also known as engine drive belts are not an accessory in the car, they help in maintaining the efficiency of the vehicle. If the belt is loose or damaged, there are chances that the car may not work properly. In case of wear or tear or tension on the fan belt, you must immediately replace it.

Check Water Levels

Today, with technological innovations our job has become easier. Now, most of the batteries do not require too much maintenance. But, if your car battery needs water top-ups, always keep an eye on the water level in the coolant and only use distilled water.