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How does Managed Services Permit IT Transformation?

In the current age of running a global business, it’s become necessary for operators to outsource many aspects of their IT process. This benefits business owners by enhancing the efficiency of each sector within their IT division. This ‘Managed Services’ model is superior to the old practice of on-demand outsourcing – where a third-party performed a service and then billed the customer. In a managed service model, the client can have complete control and oversight of the system being managed. Managed IT services in Dubai give business owners more flexibility to oversee and align their IT department. This then permits a greater IT transformation.

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Stages One and Two

The is the simplest phase of a managed services model. This type of managed service is generally performed in your office space or outsourced on an ‘as required’ basis. There are typically very little processes involved in this stage. This stage leads to the client being very ‘people dependent’ and there being little SLA and KPI.

The next stage involves a greater aspect of workplace collaboration. This is because resources can be shared, given that there are a definitive SLA and process in place. One of the best parts of this model of managed services is that it provides essential reporting capabilities. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention.

Stage Three

In this stage of managed services, your company becomes more process oriented. In addition, your staff members are empowered with the means to better resolve their own IT issues. This element of managed services is referred to as ‘shift-left’. Shift-left pertains to circumstances where IT issues are effectively resolved at user-level. This is achieved through ‘Do-It-Yourself’ portals where IT issues can be rectified before they become serious. Within this stage, a business can integrate into a pricing model that has the option of being based on a contact or service catalogue. This leads to a reduction in IT expenses and an improvement in system productivity.

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Stage Four

This represents the most complete phase of the managed services process. Your business can gain a significant advantage over its competition by implementing a thoroughly managed service structure. A greater focus is placed on automating the IT process. The pricing in this stage is based on a business outcome approach. This means that as your business grows, the managed service essentially grows along with you. Likewise, if you need to downsize, then you can equip your managed services to reflect that as well. Whilst the cost to implement managed services of this magnitude is high, the competitive advantage that it provides make this a sound investment.