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Rental Guide: Evaporative Air Coolers

Developed in line with the concept of evaporation, evaporative coolers are arguably the most efficient piece of cooling equipment available in the market today. Evaporative coolers make use of water-soaked pads to produce a cold and refreshing air to keep you comfortable under scorching summer conditions. Also known as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers work differently when compared to traditional cooling equipment such as ACs and Misting fans. The latter is more so used outdoors; it has a small water outlet that sprays water which is then distributed across the room by a fan. AC’s are ideal for closed indoor spaces and work by converting hot air into cold air.

Evaporative Coolers

Understanding the Mechanics of These Coolers

As mentioned earlier, evaporative coolers work based on the principle of evaporation. It requires an adequate supply of water to run successfully. Water collected inside a reservoir at the bottom is drawn onto the cooling pad through a pump. Then the warm air from the environment is sucked in and passed through the damp cooling pad. The warm air heats up the water which eventually evaporates leaving behind cool air with some content of moisture. Cool air is then circulated into the environment through a big fan. In short, it is a cost-effective method (unlike an AC) to provide cool air in any room on a hot sunny summer day.

Rental Tips

In a world where everyone is shifting to smarter and cheaper options, the evaporative air cooler is one smart way of keeping it cool in Dubai. If you wish to rent it out for a get together at your house, one must keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, these air coolers will be light on your pocket. Since such coolers do not consume a gigantic amount of electricity like AC’s; its bill will not drain your income. It is an economically friendly process which does not emit any harmful gases into the environment. A clear and simple phenomenon of evaporation for the refreshingly cool breeze of air to fight hot summer temperatures. But bear in mind, these coolers will work best in regions that have a humid atmosphere.

Evaporative Air Cooler

Air Flow & Water Tank Capacity

The two main characteristics that affect the performance of an air cooler is water tank capacity and airflow. Water supply is required to cool down the warm air. Hence, water tank capacity is a key element that helps to decide how much area can be cooled in a given time. Open-air or bigger rooms require evaporative air coolers with more tank capacity to achieve the desired amount of cooling. Newer generation air coolers come with the feature of directly connecting water storage tank to a running supply of water, so it can be filled whenever needed. Coming to airflow, CFM rating indicates how quickly air passes through the equipment in 60 seconds. Always opt for an evaporative cooler with a higher CFM rating to achieve faster cooling.


If you are seeking a reliable and efficient piece of cooling equipment for your office or residential space in the Emirate, then air cooler Dubai is the perfect choice for you. Get in touch with a reliable rental agency to get the same for the best prices.