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The Pros and Cons of Getting Pirelli Tyres For Your Car

Pirelli tyres Dubai are highly popular in the UAE and in Dubai too because of the high numbers of supercars on the roads. Pirelli tires give car owners the power to adjust to all kinds of road conditions. The tires can guarantee optimum performance, regardless of high temperatures. When you are living in Dubai for instance, you need tires that can successfully maintain grip no matter what the road condition is and assure you a comfortable and safe ride. This is why this brand is a widely trusted name in this part of the world especially given their quality checks that convince buyers of their unparalleled quality.


Advantages of Buying Pirelli Tires


Pirelli tires are preferred because of their exceptional grip, durability, and reliability which remain intact even in very high temperatures and different road conditions. UAE has a warm but dry climate, and tires that you buy for your vehicle here should be able to offer you high-end comfort and tough grips. With Pirelli tires Dubai for your car, you can be sure of a safe and satisfying drive. Even when the temperature may fall below 7 degrees Centigrade, you can be sure of superlative performance.


You can choose from a wide range of Pirelli products that are available at reasonable prices. Not all tires are super costly or meant for supercars only. Like other tire manufacturers, Pirelli makes tires that vary in longevity, quality, and performance type. The use of advanced technology and fuel efficiency make these tires a good buy as they can offer far better mileage.


This high-end tire brand boasts excellent warranties on the tread-life. The tires can reduce the aquaplaning effect and the car will not slide or “float” on wet surfaces. Since the tires are made using the most advanced technologies, noise is at a minimum level. Besides, Pirelli uses technology for lowering fuel consumption, making the tires fuel-efficient. The company was also one of the first to produce tubeless tires that also stand proof of its use of the latest technologies. The rich features ensure better vehicle handling. Since the company makes use of superior quality rubber for the tires, you can be sure of their durability and longevity.

Steep Price

Cons of Buying Pirelli Tires

  • The biggest downside of Pirelli products is the steep price. While the average price seems to be quite affordable given the fact that this company caters to supercars, at the same time, the prices are much higher than average tire prices.
  • Limited performance options are another of its significant drawbacks.
  • Pirelli is not ordinary everyday tire brand and therefore it might not be worth spending a fortune on the tires.
  • There are limited options for common trucks; incidentally, truck tires are almost non-existent.