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Tips to Decorate a Large Venue for an Event in the UAE

How you choose to decorate a large venue for your next event will go a long way to impressing your guests and enhancing their overall experience. Before you engage with an event management company Abu Dhabi, you need to consider how you want your event to look. You want to incorporate decorations that ‘wow’ your guests but at the same time, don’t interfere with practical factors like ease-of-movement. It’s also important that your decorations don’t take away from the event’s overall message or function. One such example could be if your event is a charity fundraiser; you wouldn’t want outlandish decorations to draw attention from the core message.

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Create a powerful first impression

What’s the first thing that your guests are going to see as they enter your event? This is something that needs to catch their eye and leave them with a lasting first impression. You can add anticipation to the event by creating a sense of excitement as your guests are being led inside. This makes your event seem like more of a spectacle.

Add Variety

Create several different physical areas to your event. Each area can then have its own style and feel. By doing this, you can make the event more exciting for your guests. This will significantly transform the venue and go a long way to eliminating any empty spaces. It also separates your event from the other events that may come across as ‘much the same’.

Incorporate a Bit of ‘Nature’

Utilize as much greenery and floral decorations as you can. This will give your event a feeling of really being alive. By incorporating as many floral elements as possible, you’re ensuring that guests feel a sense of ‘connectedness’. Trees and plants naturally make people feel more at ease and encourage a happy and relaxed mood.

Be Clever with Lighting

The way that you incorporate lighting will add to the atmosphere of your event. Depending on the H1: of event that you’re hosting, you can use LED lighting to enhance the ambiance of your event. If you’re hosting your event at night, then you can implement decorative lighting to entryways. This will serve as a guide for guests. Lighting can also be used to divide the physical areas of your event space.

Decorate Floor Spaces

Decorate Floor Spaces

Many people that host an event fail to adequate decorate their floor spaces. You can get the most out of your floor space by covering it with something that complements the other decorations. It may be a simple dark cloth in which you can strategically place lights on. Many companies also offer gorgeous LED dance floors. These really add a sense of fun to all H1:s of functions and events.