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Tips to Pick the Ideal Medical Center in Dubai

Dubai offers its residents the best options when it comes to healthcare. Several world-famous medical centers and hospitals reside at this emirate. You’ll find several medical center Dubai, so much so that picking the best one during an emergency might seem overwhelming. But there are several factors to consider before you pick one. You must always check the reviews of the hospital or medical center before you make an appointment to make sure that the medical center is legit and provides good service to its patients. Some medical centers and hospitals may even specialize in the treatment of particular diseases. Research about the hospital and its background before you make a choice.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when choosing a medical center in Dubai.

Medical Insurance

It is mandatory for Dubai residents to have medical insurance. Getting treatment at any medical center or hospital without medical insurance will be very expensive. You can even get medicines, which are also otherwise expensive, at discounted rates with your medical insurance card. If you already have medical insurance, check its expiry date and ensure that you renew it on time to avoid problems when you seek urgent medical attention. You may even be fined for not renewing your medical insurance on time.

Medical Insurance

Access to Better Facilities

Depending on your health insurance provider you will have access to a network of private healthcare facilities. Talk to your agent at your health insurance company to find out which hospitals and medical centers are covered in your insurance.


Keep this list of medical centers in Dubai handy for emergency situations. Narrow down this list by finding out which of these are the closest to your vicinity in case of emergencies.

Read Reviews

From the list of hospitals and medical centers covered by your insurance, find out which ones are rated as the best. You can do this by reading reviews online. Also, check the list of doctors available at these medical centers.

Identify Specialists

Depending on the symptoms or conditions you’re experiencing, find out which hospital or healthcare center from that network specializes in the treatment you’re looking for. This will narrow down your search list. For example, for skincare treatments in Dubai, Sunface medical center in JLT is one among the best in the city.

Identify Doctor’s Availability

After this, you have to find out which doctors visit these hospitals and at what timings of the day are the doctors available.

Medical Center

Perform A Background Check

After you make a list of all the physicians available at the hospital, find out which physician can best address your concern. Do a background check, find out about their qualifications, if they speak the same language as yours for effective communication, what do they specialize in. You can also check the reviews their previous patients have left for them on the internet.

Once you’ve decided on which medical center to visit, ensure you make most of your visit. Make sure you have the required documents providing your medical history. Bring along your previous prescriptions, reports, insurance information, etc. along with you when you visit the hospital. Ensure you carry your medical insurance card at all times with you.