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Top Five Features to Look for In an Exhibition Stand Contractor

While organizing a trade show, every company should keep in mind that the brand image means everything. The stand you get build exhibits your work ethics and business values. If you get a good stand designed by a good stand contractor with clear banners done by the best printing company in Dubai, you are most likely to be the most talked-about exhibitor in the exhibition. Thought should be applied while designing the brand and it should reflect your core value propositions. Because if that's lacking, your message is not likely to resonate with your brand. It is obvious that you should get your exhibition stand designed by only professional exhibition stand contractors. The problem is how do you choose who to reach out to. In this article, we shall suggest the steps to take and the key factors that allow you to choose which exhibition stand contractor you should reach out to.

Exhibition Stand

Work Experience

The most time effective way to gauge the expertise of an exhibition stand contractor by checking their past work. In case a contractor/organization has a reputation in the market and has delivered successfully before, they’d be happily discussing their past work either in hardwired portfolios or their own websites. You can also talk to their past and existing clients. You don't need to get into details. Just ask them if they are happy with their work.


You want to find a company/contractor that has worked with a wide range of different companies or has a network of varied designers. Such diversity will ensure that they have an acute understanding of the identity of a brand/company and can think outside the box. The fact that they can deliver variability in designs will also prove that they know the ins and outs of the stand design market and have the capability to carve their own way.

Quality of Production

There is so much fine-tuning that needs to be done when it comes to constructing an exhibition stand design. Quite often many aspects are overlooked due to lack of focus. If you hire a contractor make sure that they use top-notch quality materials and focus on fine-tuning of each detail, and much more.



You must find out the quality of service the contractor can produce within your budget. Which is why you must let them know your budget early on to figure out their estimation of their product. If they can't offer you the kind of assistance and support you need, try another company instead.

Considers Your Ideas

If a company emphasizes more towards their ideas and don’t consider your inputs, that’s a sure sign to not work with them. While it’s okay to not agree with a certain idea, it is surely not tolerable to not consider your opinions at all. In fact, they should value your ideas and also redefine them.