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Why Fitness Classes are Expensive

On a regular day, Dubai is an expensive place to be. Enrolling in a functional artistic gymnastic training Dubai is just one of the things that would leave your wallet a tad bit lighter. Dubai has the second most expensive gym fees in the world! Ranking behind Tokyo, the average cost of registering for fitness training classes in Dubai is Dh387. Recently, a top-tier gym launched an intensive 28-day fitness program that costs a whopping Dh36000! You might be wondering why the amounts seem enormous. Are the services worth their monetary value? This article serves to answer these questions. Below are five reasons why fitness classes are expensive.



Dubai has several districts, and budgets differ in these areas. The Marina and JBR have residents with more expensive tastes. The fitness centers around this area are going to be pricey. For regions like Deira and Downtown Dubai, the costs of registering in a fitness center would be more affordable.


Different gyms offer different services. These services include training on stretching, yoga, martial arts, muscle conditioning, and aerobics. These services have their price bracket. The intensity of the fitness training would determine costs. Aerial skills are mostly more expensive.


The economic terrain of Dubai is transient since the majority of the workforce are expatriates. It is, therefore, costly for fitness trainers to exert efforts on clients only to abruptly lose them. Training centers are more likely to adjust the price of services favorably if there are contractual agreements to express commitment.



Extensive fitness training schemes come at a higher price. For example, top- notch training centers like the Symmetry Gym have high rates because of the service they offer. Their fitness training, which is the most expensive and intensive in Dubai, provides 24-hours support to clients. They provide a life-changing experience. This fitness center offers dietary plans, fridge detox, mentoring, and daily assessment of the client’s performance. Some training centers give team support. This team would include a nutritionist, physiotherapist, and a personal trainer.

Operation Costs

Running a gym is expensive. Certain charges are incurred to sustain its daily activities. Costs like the rent and parking space, top-notch equipment, and high-quality training service are not meager. Gyms have to do twice as much laundry on towels and clothing as a large family! Gym owners have expressed their discontent as to how membership costs do not always cover these costs.